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Middle Kingdom Theban Project
FU Berlin & die Universität Wien arbeiten gemeinsam auf dem Westufer in Luxor.
Lutz am 01.04.2016 um 00:12:40

Scheinbar völlig unbemerkt von unseren Experten für mürrisch dreinschauende Könige    hat Daniel Polz auf der Westbank seit kurzem deutschsprachige Nachbarn :

"Middle Kingdom Theban Project1"

Aus dem Impressum auf Facebook :

"The Middle Kingdom Theban Project focuses on the documentation, study and publication of late 11th and early 12th Dynasty tombs in the area of Thebes. ...

... aims at contributing to a better knowledge of the reign of Mentuhotep II and the beginning of the Twelfth Dynasty by means of documenting, studying and publishing the tombs of Henenu (TT313 = MMA 510) and Ipi (TT 315 = MMA 516), as well as the chapel of Harhotep (CGC 28023) and other tombs in the area of Asasif.

The Middle Kingdom Theban Project focuses not only on the reconstruction of the three tombs, their architecture, decoration, texts and the study of their objects, but also on the active role of their owners in the historical and local circumstances of Thebes at this time. In addition, the study of these three outstanding examples of the mortuary architecture of the period in the northern hills of Deir el-Bahari will help to reconstruct the topography of the necropolis and the reasons for the selection of this area connected with the mortuary temple of Mentuhotep II. Further research might help to understand the distribution of tombs in the area and the socio-political powers at Thebes and in the country."

1: https://www.facebook.com/MiddleKingdomThebanProject/


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