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Ramses II in Kom Ombo
Der König als Osiris, einst wohl sieben Meter hoch ...
Lutz am 02.03.2018 um 23:36:42

"Luxor Times Magazine" meldet am 27.02.2018 den Fund von Teilen einer Collossalstatue Ramses II im Tempel von Kom Ombo :

" Ramses II Sandstone Colossus Remains Discovered in Aswan1 "
... remains of a sandstone statue of Ramses II wearing the white crown of Upper Egypt. The discovered parts show that the complete statue would be about 7 meters in height. ... The statue shows Ramses II depicted as God Osiris holding an ankh. The statue has visible colours especially on the hands. ...

1: https://luxortimesmagazine.blogspot.de/2018/02/ramses-ii-sandstone-colossus-remains.html?view=classic


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