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Travelers in the Middle East Archive - TIMEA 
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"Travelers in the Middle East Archive (TIMEA)"

"The Travelers in the Middle East Archive (TIMEA) is a digital archive that focuses on Western interactions with the Middle East, particularly travels to Egypt during the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. TIMEA offers electronic texts such as travel guides, museum catalogs, and travel narratives, photographic and hand-drawn images of Egypt, and historical maps of Egypt and Cyprus. ..."

Mit einer sehr praktischen Suchfunktion : "Browse TIMEA places on a Google Map"

Gruß, Lutz.
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Re: Travelers in the Middle East Archive - TIMEA 
« Antwort #1, Datum: 12.04.2016 um 19:31:42 »   

Es gibt seit mehreren Tagen Schwierigkeiten mit den Links auf der TIMEA - Seite. Die Macher arbeiten daran diese zu beheben. Übergangsweise wird auf folgende Möglichkeit verwiesen :

"... In the meanwhile you can access TIMEA item pages by manually replace "rudr" with "scholarship" in the URL to view any particular image.

For example instead of http://rudr.rice.edu/handle/1911/21473, use http://scholarship.rice.edu/handle/1911/21473

Sincere apologies for any inconvenience this may cause you. ..."

Gruß, Lutz.
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