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   E.Thomas : The Royal Necropoleis of Thebes (1966) (1)
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E.Thomas : The Royal Necropoleis of Thebes (1966) 
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Endlich (in digitaler Form) bei "Yare Egyptology" erhältlich ...

"We have now checked 3 of the original 90 copies of this very rare and important work. All contain the same imperfections in that small parts of the text are extremely feint. We have scanned it to the best of our ability, and hope that you enjoy it. We could have released it some years ago, but needed to check more source copies."

Elisabeth Thomas : The Royal Necropoleis of Thebes. - Princeton, 1966. - IV+XII, 298 p., 22 fig. incl. maps and plans. - [27,- € / 20,- GB £ / 37,- US $]:

OEB 12129  (AEB 1966.0578):

"The author gives an extensive description of the royal necropoleis of Thebes. The tombs are not only described, but also a survey of earlier explorations and a historical background of the period in which they were built are given. The figures include many plans of tombs and maps of the area. We mention for example fig. 19: Carter's unpublished sketch maps of western Thebes, Wâdi C and Wâdi Tongue between Wâdis F and G. Each chapter is provided with abundant bibliographical material.

The following subjects are dealt with: the royal necropoleis of the XIth Dynasty (p. 7-34), the royal necropoleis of the XVIIth Dynasty (34-49), Wâdi Biban el-Molûk (50-69), Biban el-Molûk: the royal tombs of the XVIIIth Dynasty (69-103), the Valley of the Kings: the royal tombs of the XIXth Dynasty (103-124), the Valley of the Kings: the royal tombs of the XXth Dynasty (125-136), Biban el-Molûk: the small corridor tombs (136-155), Biban el-Molûk: the pit tombs (156-169), the queens' cliffs (170-207), Wâdi Biban el-Harim (208-227), the mummies of Dynasties XVII through XXI (228-248), the mummy dockets and linen notations (249-264), the tomb robbery and related papyri (265-273), and the necropoleis as a whole and the component parts of the royal tomb (273-286). An appendix on the sarcophagi, canopic chests and plinths (287-291) is added.

Index of tombs on p. 292-295; index of tomb owners on p. 295-297; selective general index on p. 297-298.

Photographs and Appendix 2 (selected pottery fragments) have been omitted, in spite of retention of notices; a few published figures, now unlisted, have also been eliminated. Corrections could not be incorporated. Economy of time and cost made this necessary, but the author hopes that one day the publication can take the form originally projected."

"Die Bibel" zu den königlichen Grabanlagen in Theben West.

Gruß, Lutz.
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