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1) An Index of Ancient Egyptian Titles of OK (2000)
 Lutz am 16.09.2017 um 11:48:22

Dilwyn Jones : An Index of Ancient Egyptian Titles, Epithets and Phrases of the Old Kingdom1. - [BAR International Series 866, 1-2]. - Oxford : Archaeopress, 2000. - ISBN : 1841710695. - 1: XI, 524 S. & 2: S. 525-1045.

OEB 44837  (AEB 2000.0458) :

A completely updated and revised edition of Margaret Alice Murray's Index of names and titles of the Old Kingdom, for which all the main publications covering the Old Kingdom have been consulted. Although the majority of the about 3,800 entries belong to the Old Kingdom proper (3rd-8th Dynasties), the author has also recorded as many titles from the Archaic Period as can be restored with any reasonable degree of certainty, as well as those that continued to be in use in the Middle Kingdom. Some titles from the later First Intermediate Period have also been added, primarily because of the difficulties of dating monuments of this period with any degree of certainty.

For ease of reference, the author has strictly adhered to Murray's sequence, except, naturally, when advances in recent research indicate a different transliteration or show that occasional entries are merely parts of the same or fuller titles. Whenever a title is included in Murray's work, its page entries are given in larger point size and bold typeface, directly after the title in hieroglyphs (which is given in the most common orthography), the title's transliteration and its translation. Further, the approximate date of the source, and textual references are provided. The order in which the titles are given is strictly alphabetical, including such common adjectives as aA, wr, nb, etc. Prepositions are not considered, except for a few cases. Where the title/epithet is well known only a representative selection is given; otherwise as complete a list as possible is provided. The author explicitly notes not having engaged into lengthy discussions on the problems of transliteration and interpretation of the problematic titles, since such an enterprise would have required a much larger work.

A few titles of uncertain reading and a number of incomplete or unclear titles are added, as well as the bibliography which provides the full title description to the works used in abbreviation in the entries. (W.H.)

Simon D. Schweitzer : Index der Titelbestandteile zu Dilwyn Jones - An Index of Ancient Egyptian Titles, Epithets and Phrases of the Old Kingdom2 (2006. - 31 S.).

Vorliegender Index erschließt die nicht-ersten Titelbestandteile der in Dilwyn Jones: An index of ancient Egyptian titles, epithets and phrases of the Old Kingdom. Oxford : Archaeopress, 2000, verzettelten Titel und Epitheta des Alten Reiches.

Margaret A. Murray : Index of Names and Titles of the Old Kingdom3. - [British School of Archaeology in Egypt 1]. - London : British School of Archaeology, 1908. - 5 S., 73 Plates.

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