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The Demotic Palaeographical Database Project 
« Datum: 23.03.2018 um 07:04:07 »   

" Informationsdienst Wissenschaft " am 22.03.2018 ...

" Datenbank zur Erschließung altägyptischer Texte "
Der Erschließung und Entzifferung altägyptischer Dokumente dient ein Datenbank-Projekt an der Universität Heidelberg, das von der Deutschen Forschungsgemeinschaft gefördert wird. Mithilfe einer Open-Access-Publikation sollen der Forschung Texte frei zugänglich gemacht werden, die zwischen dem 7. Jahrhundert vor und dem 5. Jahrhundert nach Christus entstanden sind und in der sogenannten demotischen Sprache und Schrift verfasst wurden. Das Vorhaben unter Leitung von Prof. Dr. Joachim Quack wird über einen Zeitraum von bis zu sieben Jahren gefördert. Für die ersten drei Projektjahre hat die DFG rund eine Million Euro bewilligt. Die Arbeiten am Institut für Ägyptologie starten im Mai 2018. ...

" The Demotic Palaeographical Database Project " (Universität Heidelberg - Institut für Ägyptologie, 22.03.2018)

Gruß, Lutz.
Claudia Maderna-Sieben  

Re: The Demotic Palaeographical Database Project 
« Antwort #1, Datum: 14.11.2019 um 17:42:36 »     

Dear friends, colleagues and supporters,

after the official announcement at the 12th International Conference of Egyptologyists (mistake intended ), here comes the not less official announcement on Facebook. The Demotic Palaeographical Database Project IS ONLINE!

What does this mean for you? Easy – you can from now on use the beta version of our palaeography module. More than 30 texts are included so far, containing thousands of searchable signs and words. At the moment, we cover a time span from 644 BC to 452 CE and a geographical space from Sais to Philae. You can apply all sorts of filters – if you want to see only Roman Period signs from Thebes, you got it! If you want to see only the pA-sign written with two strokes instead of the usual one – you got it! If you for some weird reason want to see all the attestations of the uniconsonantal “m” in the demotic text of the Rosetta Stone – you got it!

Furthermore, the module serves as a portal. Word searches provide links to the Thesaurus Linguae Aegyptiae (Demotic), the Demotische Wortliste, the Chicago Demotic Dictionary and give you the page number of Erichsen’s Demotisches Glossar. If you are interested in diachronic development, we have links to the TLA (older Egyptian) and the Coptic Dictionary Online. Our text editions (yes, we enter complete texts!) offer you links to the TLA for each and every included word. Of course, they also contain transliterations, translations, commentary and so on. Our statistics section lets you find out how many of our thousands of attestations were written at your selected time period or place or both if you like.

Where can you find all this? Check out demotischdemotisch.de and click on “palaeography”. Of course you can jump right into it, but our recommendation is to first go through our tutorial, which you can open by clicking on the “?”. This will take you on a quite fun tour through all the functions of the module and will show you how to use them. As already mentioned, this is a beta version, so two things are important to know: 1. It does not work on cell phones yet, so please check it out on your computer. 2. There will be mistakes. If you want to help us, let us know when you find them. This includes basic functionalities as well as specific readings and interpretations. Just send us an email (please do not do it on Facebook, since we might not see it there).

Since this is an ongoing project, new texts will be included almost every week and we will from now on make regular announcements about what is new. For now, there is only one more thing to say – enjoy, share, recommend, give us feedback – it will be highly appreciated!

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