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"sogenannter" Totenbuchspruch 191 
« Datum: 25.01.2008 um 15:27:10 »   

wer kann mir, bitte, helfen? Wo finde ich den "sogenannten" Totenbuchspruch 191 (saitisch)?
Vielen Dank im Voraus, Ta-useret.
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Michael Tilgner  maennlich


Re: "sogenannter" Totenbuchspruch 191 
« Antwort #1, Datum: 26.01.2008 um 14:03:29 »   

Hallo, Ta-useret,

folgende Publikationen können Dir vielleicht weiterhelfen (ein gut sortierte Uni-Bibliothek in der Nähe vorausgesetzt):

AEB 52.2143
ALLEN, T. George, Additions to the Egyptian Book of the Dead, JNES 11 (1952), 177-186, (pl.).

The author publishes two more spells of the Book of the Dead; the spells, to be called 191 and 192, occur together with four offering-formulas at the end of Papyrus Ryerson, a Persian-Ptolemaic BD in the Oriental Institute Museum at the University of Chicago (No. 9787). Written in hieroglyphic they follow in order after BD 162, at which point the hieratic main portion of the manuscript ends with the notation iw.f pw, "finis". A search for parallel texts has turned up three more sources where the two spells are associated. A fifth source of BD 192 is a coffin lid; of BD 191, thirteen further sources have been noted. Our eighteen sources may all be Ptolemaic. Allen offers a transliteration and a new translation of both spells, followed by a great number of notes.

AEB 74.0258
GOYON, J.-Cl., La véritable attribution des soi-disant chapitres 191 et 192 du livre des morts, Studia aegyptiaca I, 117-127 (2 p. of hieroglyphic text).

The author establishes that the so-called supplementary chapters 191 and 192 of the Book of the Dead found by Allen are actually extracts (§§ XV and VII) from an Osiris ritual which is still partly unpublished (see AEB 70.0524) and from which a large number of copies are known (see the list on p. 120-121).

Viele Grüße,
Michael Tilgner
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