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Holzkasten - ÄMP Berlin - 17555 - (Seite 3 von 20)
Holzkasten - ÄMP Berlin - 17555

... (A) Each lid panel contains two lines of hieroglyphic texts. The hieroglyphs were originally filled with blue pigment, traces of which still remain.

The two lines of text of lid panel A1 refer to Ty : "Greatly Praised of Waenre, Lady of the House, Ty" and "Praised of the King's Great Wife, Lady of the House, Ty".

It might be noted that the inscription on side D also contains titles and epithets of Ty.

The texts of A2 contain the following titles and epithets of Ay : "True Royal Scribe, Beloved of Him, God's Father Ay" and "Commander of a Host, Overseer of Horses, God's Father, Ay".

The side E inscriptions consist of titles and epithets of Ay. Therefore, A1 and D refer to Ty, while A2 and E are devoted to Ay.

(B) Side B is one of the two end panels decorated with representations as well as inscriptional materials.
On the left side of the scene is a mummy. Before it kneels Ty, identified here as "His sister, Lady of the House, Ty". In the center of the scene is an offering table loaded with offerings.
On the right one finds a man, presumably a priest or family member, pouring out a libation.

Except for a few holes at the very bottom of the scene, the representation is almost complete. There is even a considerable amount of color reserved.

There is no doubt that the mummy is Ay, for the texts identifying it indicate that he was "Commander of a Host, Overseer of Horses, God's Father Ay".

The speech of the unnamed libation pourer is as follows : "To your ka--cool water [for] your ka from The-One-of-Re who decreed it for you. They shall belong to you forever and ever, (0) God's Father Ay".

(C) End panel C has a scene which is very similar to that of panel B. Ay's mummy is again on the left side, but Ty now stands rather than kneels before it. The offering table is in the center of the picture and the libation pourer is again on the right side.
The preservation is not as good as side B. Some of the texts are missing, as are the heads of Ay's mummy, Ty and libation pourer.
As in side B, the very bottom of the scene is lacking.

The texts identifying Ay and Ty are incomplete : "[. . . Overseer] of Horses, God's Father Ay; His sister, Lady of the House, Ty".

The text indicating the speech of the libation pourer is damaged in several areas. What remains of it may be translated as follows : "Sweet incense on the day of . . . [your] appearance [. . .]".

(D) The side panel D contains texts with the following titles and epithets of Ty : "Greatly Praised of Waenre, Praised of the King's Great Wife, Royal Ornament, Ty". The glyphs themselves are filled with blue paint, while the border of the text is in red.

(E) The side panel E contains the following : "Commander of a Host, Fanbearer on the Right Hand of the King, True Royal Scribe, Beloved of Him, Ay, repeating life". The color scheme is the same as that on side D. ...

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Holzkasten - ÄMP Berlin - 17555

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