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Holzkasten - ÄMP Berlin - 17555 - (Seite 4 von 20)
Holzkasten - ÄMP Berlin - 17555

... There are several titles of Ay and Ty which occur in this box, but not elsewhere; namely, Ay's title of Commander of a Host (hry pdt) and Ty's title of Lady of the House (nbt pr). In the case of Ay, the other titles cited on the box are the same as those which appear in his Amarna tomb.
Helck explained this situation by suggesting that Ay may have felt some shame in using an earlier and relatively less exalted title in his tomb.

However, other Overseers of Horses seem to show no reluctance in exhibiting both of these titles together. At a later date, Ay certainly felt no need to conceal his God's Father title, which he still used as part of his name when he became king.

Ty's "Lady of the House" title appears on the Berlin box, but not in the omb of Ay and Ty at Amarna. As this title is one of the most common found among the wives of officials, its ab-sence from the tomb may reflect Ty's lack of concern over what must have been one of her less significant titles.

Ty is "Praised of the Good God" in the tomb, but on the Berlin box she is "Greatly Praised of Waenre" and "Praised of the King's Great Wife." As we have indicated earlier, such epithets (especially in such number and variety) are not commonly found with women. The only title which matches those in the tomb is Royal Ornament. Ty's nurse titles are not on the box.

The titles of Ay on Berlin 17555 basically match those in the tomb. Those of Ty do not. This suggests that Ay's position (as indicated by his titles) was already established at the time the box was made, but that Ty may not have attained the titles which she displays in the tomb. This could signify that Ty was not yet Nurse of the King's Great Wife, Nefertiti, or that Nefertiti was not yet King's Great Wife. We will speculate more on this problem in our "Summary" to this chapter (below).

Even though Berlin 17555 depicts Ay's funeral, let us recall that one of the two side panels and one of the two Covers is devoted strictly to the titles and epithets of Ty; this represents more texts than Ty is granted in the tomb. There would have been sufficient space to have claimed the nurse titles in some form, assuming she had been granted them by the time the box was made. ...

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Holzkasten - ÄMP Berlin - 17555

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