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Holzkasten - ÄMP Berlin - 17555 - (Seite 5 von 20)
Holzkasten - ÄMP Berlin - 17555

... All the references to the king and queen are without the use of cartouche names. The name Waenre for Amenophis IV/ Akhenaton is well attested. The use of Waenre with the definite article p3 (Pa-Waenre) is not as common, but occurs sporadically throughout the reign. On the basis of this designation for the king, the Berlin box could date to almost any part of the reign. Other factors, however, suggest an early date (cf. below).

The King's Great Wife cited on sides A1 and D of the box is not named. As Waenre is Akhenaton, it appears that the queen would be Nefertiti, though this conclusion need not necessarily be the correct one.

The identity of the man pouring the libations on end panels B and C is not established. Very often the child or children of the deceased are depicted on the funerary stelae of the parents. If Ay and Ty had any offspring, it would only be natural that a son 'do the honors' for his father in this Situation. But side B does not name him, and side C is damaged at the places where a name may have once stood. There is room for two or three short columns of text in the upper right-hand corner of panel C, but very likely Ay's Commander of a Host and the beginning of his chariotry title originally filled them.

The scenes on end panels B and C are mortuary scenes. Such scenes were not a very common item in the repertoire of the Amarna artists, though there are some examples known. The absence of Osiris or other deities closely associated with the Netherworld suggests that the box may have been constructed at a time when the monotheistic tendency was beginning to manifest itself.
The lack of Atenist Symbols also hints at a fairly early date.

On the basis of the titles of Ay and Ty which appear and which are conspicuously absent and the lack of mention of the usual funerary deities, the construction of the box was probably in the early part of the reign of Amenophis IV. Very likely it is to be set prior to the establishment of Amarna and there is also the possibility that it antedates the elevation of Nefertiti to the rank of King's Great wife (cf. below).

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Holzkasten - ÄMP Berlin - 17555

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